Backup System Image Class

Backup System Image Class

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Well, one person came to the backup class.  She was very brave to come, especially out in the rain.  Her laptop got a lot of attention from my senior tech and she got a system image for free, because she got a hands-on session, which essentially we showed her how to do a system image, by doing one.  I’ve reduced the price from $120 to $60 anyway, hoping to get people to back up, but she paid zippo.  I brought out my old projector to teach a larger class but didn’t need it.

Here’s the tutorial, should you want to try on your own.  Or check that baby into the shop and we’ll do it for $60, such a steal. That is if you live in Calgary.

Even if you don’t, please, please back up your stuff, mon duckies, before you lose all your kids photos or business contacts or three-quarters of a novel or whatever is important to you.  I backed up an old computer with tons of photos, just to practice what I preach.

Back up your computer and photos
Don’t lose your family photos.

Here is my family (or part of my family) and me on the beach in Oregon from last Christmas.  This photo is precious to me and I wouldn’t want to lose it.

However, do your computer tech and yourself a favor, and backup please!! We hate to see people lose their files, photos, business contacts, accounting files, and videos. Ducktoes will probably have another class on backing up soon so sign up for it or let us do it.

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