Auto Backup Your Holiday Photos to Google+

Auto Backup Your Holiday Photos to Google+

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Many people now use their android or iphone as their camera, sometimes their only camera.  This is easier and more convenient than carrying around a camera as well as a phone.  Yet phones often get lost, stolen, broken or dropped in a puddle or toilet and then all the photos will be lost along with it.  Or the computer hard drive you sync your photos on may crash or the computer itself get lost or stolen and all the photos along with it.  A solution to this problem is to use Google’s Auto Backup to backup your photos to Google+ and then you’ll always have them.

Here is one of my holiday photos. It is the Christmas tree at Gallerie Lafayette Department Store in Paris, France.  Auto Backup’s Auto Awesome made it twinkle.  Auto Awesome has many features including “snow” and “twinkle.”  It truly is awesome!


You’ll need a Google+ account which you can get easily.  Here’s a step-by-step guide.

You can backup the original photos at full-size or at a smaller size which is faster.  I like the doing full-size version so I have the original photo at full resolution if it gets lost.  There are also a lot of nice features for enhancing and editting the photos.  You can share them with friends and family on your Google+ page or you can keep them private just for you.  You get a lot of space for photos but if you exceed the maximum of 15 GBs you can buy more space on Google drive at a few dollars a month.

On Androids go to your Google+ app and turn on the auto backup. You can also go to the photos app and then the settings and find Auto Backup and turn it on.

On iphones touch the three bars    then the gear icon . Next go to Camera and Photos and Auto Backup.  Toggle it on.  See here for more information

Here is Google’s support page on Auto Backup.  Read it for more information.

Stop by Ducktoes any time you want support for your android or computer.  We’ll give you a few minutes lesson for free.