Please, Please, Please Backup

Please, Please, Please Backup

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See these moving parts inside the hard drive?  They can stop working in a second.  The little arm that looks like an old-fashioned turntable tone arm can get stuck to the side.  The platters can stop spinning.  The circuitry can chip or age and short out.  So please backup your hard drives.

It can be traumatic for clients to lose all their photos, files, business contacts; it’s really stressful for us when we try to retrieve them from a defunct hard drive knowing what the client could lose.  Be easy on yourself and us at Ducktoes and make backing up an everyday or every week thing.  Then we can all breath a sigh of relief.   We hate to tell people their hard drives are toast or deader than a doornail and they’ve lost everything.  Or that they have to mail their hard drive to to a clean room and spend $1200 or more and, even if they are willing, that doesn’t always work.

Go right this second and attach your external hard drive and back up your computer.  Thank you.

Or make it part of your every year computer maintenance and repair check up and bring it in to Ducktoes.  We can automate the process for you.