Websites Under Siege from Hackers

Websites Under Siege from Hackers


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Right now websites are under siege from hackers, who want to use your websites for blackhat SEO or to distribute malware.

Blackhat SEO hackers build pages, or edit existing pages, on your website that link to their own or client websites. Sometimes these pages will be about Viagra, other pharmaceuticals, or payday loans. Sometimes they’ll be about other subjects. depending on the client’s keywords and website. The hacked pages link back to the client’s or hacker’s websites, giving them a powerful dofollow link to help their SEO. The besieged host website is compromised, however, and can get blacklisted from Google. I’ve seen host websites so damaged they no longer functioned. In this case, the hackers changed the code so much the website no longer was visible or live, thus defeating their own purpose.


Malware hackers use the website to distribute their viruses and malware. Unwitting visitors go to the website and get infected from the hacked sites. These infected sites eventually will get flagged by Google. They’ll also get blacklisted and lose their rankings if not fixed quickly.
What you need to do

  • If you have a WordPress site you need to add some security plug-ins. Two good ones are Securi and BPS Security. If you are not WordPress you can still use Securi to monitor your site.
  • Also with WordPress and for all websites make your ftp login and control panel passwords more difficult. On WordPress, I recommended that you change the default log-in from admin to something else. Don’t lose your log-in credentials or you might not be able to get back into your own site easily.

If you are already infected, Ducktoes has an effective Wordpress and website virus removal service to clean up your site. We will remove all the malware and hacked pages.  We have done this for many sites already.

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