6 Benefits of Solid State Hard Drives

6 Benefits of Solid State Hard Drives

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We’ve previously written about how important it is to backup your SSD’s regularly. Today we will cover the benefits of Solid State Hard Drives over regular hard drives.

1. Faster Boot Times: SSD’s are up to 100x faster than regular hard drives. This means faster boot times. I had an aging laptop running Windows 7 that took over 3 minutes to finish booting. I put an SSD into that same laptop and now it boots in 15 seconds!

2. More Responsiveness: Programs load significantly faster. You click on the icon and almost instantly the program is loaded and ready for your input.

3. Less Power Usage – SSD’s don’t have any moving parts so they use less power. This means a lower energy bill over time and a longer battery life if you have a notebook computer.

4. Lower Temperatures: SSD’s run cooler because they don’t have platters spinning all the time. This means the other components in your computer are exposed to less heat overall which will help your computer last longer.

5. Practically Indestructible: SSD’s are far more durable. Because there are no moving parts, Solid State Hard Drives aren’t affected by bumps or drops like a regular hard drive.

6. Silent Operation: Once again, due to not having any moving parts, SSD’s are almost completely silent. This makes them perfect for media streaming boxes or home theatre computers.

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