Learn How to Type Faster with Games

Learn How to Type Faster with Games

Everyone should know how to type. Not knowing impacts both your fun and work on a computer. Everything takes longer. Writing emails, messaging, filling-in forms, and most of what you do on-line or on the computer is slower. In fact, all tasks and projects take longer. You get less done.

That is why you should just knuckle-down (finger-tip down?) and learn to type. Then practice a lot. I know how to type but when I’m standing at the pos till with a client, I’m so focused on the client and trying to listen that I make a lot of mistakes while typing their information. I’m not as fast or accurate as I’d like to be. This means if there are a couple of clients or more waiting, I can’t get to them as soon as I’d like to and that impacts customer service.

If you are a boss or owner of a business you should get everyone to learn to type faster. That will help productivity and customer service.

Practicing with games and lessons helps me type better and faster, I’ve found. I found a great source of typing games that helps you learn to type faster and have fun, so it’s not boring. It’s called Free Typing Game.

Here’s a car racing game that I like. If you don’t type fast or accurately you’ll crash.

The site doesn’t look much. Free Typing Game could use a new web design. It has too many ads. Yet the games are fun and free. They help you learn easily. Did I also mention they are free?  I also like the free lessons on the website.

Check out the site and have fun.

Also check out Ducktoes Computer Tutorials.


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