Are you feeling like a Zombie? Then remove that Botnet!

Are you feeling like a Zombie? Then remove that Botnet!

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A botnet uses spyware and malware to lure you into being one of its zombie computers. And then uses your computer for spamming, storing credit card numbers and other personal data such as passwords and account numbers, distributing illegal types of porn, and creating a its own captive and huge search and advertising network. If you are part of that type of botnet, you can’t search on Google or Yahoo or other legitimate search site, you are captive to that botnet’s search engine and their dedicated services and ads.

Also as a zombie your computer will be strange and slow. You’ll be forced to use a bogus search engine and ads you don’t want. It will seem as if something has taken over your computer. It has. A botnet!

Here’s a free tool RuBotted from Trend Micro that will remove your computer from the botnet, and the botnet from your computer.

Ms. Ducktoes used it on a computer that was so slow it took 20 minutes to boot. And found and removed a botnet from Russia caused by Windows XP Antivirus 2008!

So try it out and let me know if you discover a botnet on your computer. Click here to leave a comment. Ms. Ducktoes wants to hear from you.


One Response

  1. Hi Ms. Ducktoes,
    My computer has been acting so weird and I tried two of your posts recommendation, the free anti-spyware one and this botnet one. It’s like a new computer. Thanks so much!