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Repair your computer with Ducktoes Computer Repair of Calgary

If you have viruses, spyware, or malware or just want to manage and repair your computer better, this is the blog for you. Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair is in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We also offer other Calgary Computer Services such as web design, seo, and onsite it support for businesses and residences and will occasionally post on those subjects as well.

For a start you might try this post. Or read this tutorial about how to speed up your computer. And don’t forget to say hi or leave a comment.



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15 thoughts on Welcome to Ducktoes Computer Repair and Services Blog

  1. Hi, just wondered how to get rid of some viruses. Will try the Malwarebytes. Love the duckling.

  2. Thanks, Ryan. I checked out your website. That’s really nice. I like the professionalism of it and yet how it has a casual, welcome feel.

  3. Hi, I took a look at your website and I have to say that I was impressed. Thank-you for the spyware removal information.

  4. Do microsoft have a spyware remover? I know about SE but don’t think it does anything against spyware and malware?

  5. Fremragende stykke arbejde! Dette er faktisk den type oplysninger, der skal absolut diskuteret gennem World Wide Web. Udestående og en utrolig indlæg. Amazing .. ser godt!

  6. I love to do computer work, Done master of computer applications and have good hand over virus, malware removal tools, and love to do repair and tuneup the computers.
    If you need a good employee at less hourly price , you can contact me.

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