Calgary Author Jack Dunn Visits Ducktoes

Yesterday at Ducktoes, we had quite the treat. Calgary author Jack Dunn dropped by asked for computer help.  The Globe and Mail was about to publish a review of his book, “The North-West Mounted Police 1873 -1885” and needed an image of the bookcover.  Jack, not that much of a techie, asked for help. Glad to oblige, I found the image on his cd and sent it by email to the Globe and Mail reporter.

Author jack Dunn holds a copy of his new book.

His quite comprehensive book was based on research found in newspapers, diaries, and letters from those years.  It contains previously 15 unpublished photos and illustrations among many others. Here’s a webpage from the Glenbow Museum showing his sources.

If you’d like a copy of this book, email Jack at

If you need any kind of computer help stop by our website or computer shop.

We also are well-known for our Calgary SEO services.

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New Website for Evolve – We’re Really Proud of This One

Evolve Kitchens approached us a while ago looking to build a new website that was optimized to rank the second it launched.  It is always a fun challenge to integrate the culture of a company into a website, and Evolve made it easy with a wonderful body of work to draw from. Their gallery of kitchen cabinets is awe-inspiring.

Here is a capture of their website before they came to us, pulled from the Wayback Machine.

Evolve kitchen's old website about kitchen cabinets.

Evolve Kitchen’s Old Website

It had a few problems affecting its performance.  It didn’t fill up modern screens and was hosted on an old server that made loading times longer than they should be.  It was built using a now defunct Apple web design program, causing huge headaches to make even the most basic of updates.  The navigation was clunky and hard to follow.  It wasn’t mobile responsive.  In short, it was very lacking the areas that define a modern, well-built website.  It needed a complete overall, and we were excited to build them something new from the ground up.

Many hours of hard work later, our design team produced this beautiful new website:

Evolve kitchen cabinets new website

Evolve’s New Website

This modern website reflects Evolve Kitchen’s exceptionally high standards for good quality and good design – values that we share and were happy to infuse into their site.  Our mission was to create for Evolve the same feeling of walking into a kitchen of beautiful new custom made cabinets, when customers entered their website. We also optimized it for Calgary SEO rankings.

While also being mobile responsive! Here is what their site looks like on a phone:


You too can get your website problems solved at Ducktoes Web Design.  With us, you’ll receive a website design that is visually appealing and displays your strengths and corporate or company culture and also is fast and looks good on any screen.

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Ducktoes Bursary: Helping to Close the Technology Gap

Woman focused on career and studies in technology.

Ducktoes SEO is proud to sponsor this bursary.

Ducktoes is proud to announce its bursary for women studying technology.  Since women are still hugely unrepresented in technologies careers, owner Cathie Dunklee-Donnell wanted to do something to encourage more women to enter the fields of technology.

As a SAIT graduate and former teacher, Cathie notes: “The reason I was able to start and run a successful tech business was because of my training in computer technology from SAIT and I’m so glad I persevered and followed through with my studies. It wasn’t easy — I had a young family to care for, but the rewards made it all worth it.”
— Catherine Dunklee-Donnell,
Owner, Ducktoes SEO and Computer Services

After learning computer networking and technology at SAIT, Dunklee-Donnell found that many opportunities opened for her, leading to her success as an entrepreneur in business. She now wants to help other women be successful through careers in technology.

To read more, please go to our Calgary SEO page: or to the press release about this on Marketwired.

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Cherry Pie Appreciation

Last week our client Susan Goldsmith brought us a cherry pie to thank us for the computer repair we did for her. Yesterday she brought us homemade carrot cake.

Computer repair client.

I told her in the interest of weight management, we’d no longer be able to fix her computers. No, not really, we love people to drop by the shop for a visit and a cup of coffee or tea, with or without baking.  It is so wonderful to be appreciated. The cherry pie went so fast I almost didn’t get a photo before it was gone.  And if you’re wondering why, I think that foot in the bottom right of the photo belongs to Liz our SEO Calgary coordinator. Unfortunately, I didn’t get evidence of the other feet from the techs downstairs and the web design staff.


Our computer repair department has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks.  We are so grateful that so many Calgarians trust us to repair their computers.

Thank you Susan for being such an awesome client and giving you your business and appreciation.  We appreciate you and our other clients in return.


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How to Update AVG Free without Zen and PC Tuneup

Floppy disks and cassette tapes are outdated.

Our Ducktoes online tutorials section is outdated. Maybe not as outdated as the floppy disks or cassette tapes above, but it’s getting old and not as useful as it once was. So I’m rewriting all of the tutorials. (Yes, I’m writing a computer repair tutorial on a holiday weekend, or maybe because it is a long weekend.) Also here’s the nude photo of floppy disks, an extinct storage species, I promised you.

Read how to update AVG or how to install AVG Free without ZEN here. That’s in the Ducktoes Tutorial section of the website.

I started with the Ducktoes online tutorial “How to Update AVG Free.”  Many of our clients and others don’t know how to update their AVG Free. The tutorial outlines a step-by-step process of updating AVG, plus download links for AVG Free software without the Zen or PC Tuneup. I revised it from the 2013 version to the 2016 one. Check it out.


Why don’t we like the PC Tuneup part of AVG Free? In our virus removal lab at Ducktoes we’ve seen the PC Tuneup break operating systems when some clients install and run it on their own computers.

As far as the Zen part of AVG goes, according to PC Advisor, “AVG Zen is multi-platform software that allows you to view and administrate your antivirus and tuneup utilities across PC, laptop and Android smartphone and tablet. It lets you control your PC security from your phone, and it’s free, but it ties you to AVG.”

You may not want AVG on all your devices. For that reason, we don’t use the Zen part of AVG at Ducktoes either.


As you can see, in the test results, AVG blocks the most viruses with the fewest false positives.

Ducktoes does an awesome job at virus removal.

Speaking of virus removal, we do an awesome job of removing computer viruses at Ducktoes. We remove them without reformatting so you don’t lose your data, photos, or programs. Then we speed up your computer.

If you need virus removal, done quickly and expertly, come to our shop or call:

Ducktoes Computer Services
902 Centre St. N
Calgary, AB T2E 2P7


We also do remote support for virus removal if you can’t bring your computer to us. If the virus allows you to connect to the Internet, that is.

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