Is IncrediMail Spyware?

I’ve always thought and heard (from other techies mostly) that IncrediMail was spyware, but after listening to the couple of ardent Incredimail fans among my clients, I am reconsidering the assumption. IncrediMail users really love this e-mail program; they love it so much they don’t care if it is spyware, they can live with it, they tell me. So I set out to discover for myself whether or not IncrediMail is spyware. Using the Internet for research, I found many websites pro and con Incredimail. This is IncrediMail’s own response. So perhaps this is a bum rap as far as the privacy and spyware issue, but IncrediMail certainly is adware and makes computers much slower, according to many reviews. This is one.

No e-mail is worth a much slower computer to me. A slower computer means a longer work day and more frustation. But if you love IncrediMail more than speed, then perhaps it’s worth it to you. Who am I to say? It’s your computer. And probably if you have the rest of your computer working well and quickly, IncrediMail shouldn’t slow it down that much. Go for it. Ducktoes can help speed up your computer with or without IncrediMail. Call 403-483-0105.


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