Two Hallmark Card Virus Variations

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The Hallmark card virus has gone through many variations. According to this wonderful and informative blog post called “Everyone Loves Me” two of the variations are NuWar and Zapchast. These were created by two separate groups of malware creators. Read the post to find out more. Click here.

The Zapchast variant downloads directly from a link in a bogus e-mail. The e-mail usually tells you a generic someone (friend, family member, old classmate) sent you an e-card. Someone did send you an e-mail, a bad someone, who is not your friend, but your enemy. They do not love you; they want to takeover your computer and make money off you. Fraudulently. Clicking the link downloads and installs a chat application (software) in your computer (much like an Instant Messenger) that can be used to control your computer remotely. So after you download the link someone (bad guy) can come into your computer and control it.

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Here are two different methods to fix these viruses:
1. Click here for Method one.

2. If that doesn’t work with the variation you have, try this one:
Click here for Method Number Two. The post talks about Vundo but will work also with the Hallmark card virus.

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