Best Free Anti-Spyware of 2008

Best Free Anti-Spyware of 2008

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This year Ms. Ducktoes has added more free anti-spyware to our regulars: Spybot and Ad-Aware SE, which have been on our best anti-spyware list for years.

At Ducktoes we fight spyware on computers everyday and these are our the most potent and useful.

1. Malwarebytes
Our top best free anti-spyware of the year is this newbie (at least to us).
This free-antispyware is the newest and trendiest trick Calgary techies have up their sleeves. At all the tech workshops I’ve been to, everyone’s talking about it. And what’s more, Malwarebytes lives up to the hype, since it is like an avenging angel against potent malware. It nails it!!!

2. SuperAntiSpyware
Here’s another new-to-me and probably new-to-you anti-spyware that is true to its name. It’s a Super hero – really effective against the Hallmark card and other difficult malware.

3. Dr. Web Cureit. Dr. Web Cureit is a dynamo against some of the new malware. Dr. Web is from a Russian company and is endorsed my the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Since so much spyware and malware is coming from Russia these days, I imagine the Dr. Web people have prior first-hand exposure to it and fight it effectively sooner than some other anti-spyware fighters. It worked well against many nasties for me.

4. Spybot Search and Destroy – Some techs talk about this tried and true anti-spyware (an experienced anti-spywre, no actually, the archetype) as no longer as effective as the newer malware fighters. However this just ain’t true. Spybot’s version 1.6 has a much improved detection and faster scan speed. And the new version 2–almost ready for release–will knock our socks off!

5. Ad-Aware 2008 Another familiar favorite that has gone through a major overhaul. Ad-Aware is the most popular anti-spyware on CNET’s, no mean feat! All those people must know something we ought to get in on.

And of course there are a few best anti-spyware that aren’t free. But I’ll have to save those for a different post.
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To use these best anti-spyware, it never hurts to run more than one, or even, run them all. One at a time. In fact sometimes that’s an excellent way to fignt the Worst Spywares of the year Windows XP Anti-virus 2008/2009 and the Hallmark Card virus. See the post.

And as always, I treasure and welcome your comments.


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  1. Thanks so much for your comment. No, I didn’t forget it, but I think of it as an anti-virus rather than an anti-spyware. In other posts I recommend AVG. But you are quite right and bring up a good point which is that using these anti-spywares on their own without anti-virus is not a good idea (is scary and risky in fact) and I should rewrite the above to include it!!!