Hallmark Card Virus Fix and Removal

Hallmark Card Virus Fix and Removal

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Many, many people are coming to this blog site looking for a fix for the Hallmark card virus. So it’s not a hoax!!! (The hoax part is that the virus will wipe out your hard drive. It doesn’t. But it does make a mess.) The e-mails going out purport to be a link to Hallmark card, read more here (see this post), and if you click that link, you’ll get a direct download of a virus.

If you already have the Hallmark Card virus, there is a fix, or several of them. Usually, normal virus software will remove it. Here are some free anti-virus software that will do the trick. Make sure your software is updated first, after you install and before you run the scan. Without virus definitions, it’s impossible to catch anything.

First to get rid of the virus use one on these antivirus software:

AVG 8 Free for Personal Use
Dr. Web CureIt

Then use this antispyware:


Virus software is not enough. You’ll also need an excellent anti-spyware tool. Call me at 403-483-0105, if you have any questions. (Please, not in the middle of the night in Canada, however!)

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Now if your computer is so bad already it won’t allow you to download anything, you’ll need to go into safe mode.
1. Restart your computer and tap the F8 key repeatedly. Soon you’ll get to a screen that has many different options.

2. Pick the one (use your up and down arrows to move) that says Safe Mode with Networking.

3. A long list of drivers will scroll down the screen. Then you’ll be given and option of Yes or No. Pick Yes, you do want to go into Safe Mode.

4. Now open your browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. And type in https://www.ducktoes.com/blog. Find this post Hallmark Card Fix. And click this link to download Malwarebytes Antispyware.

5. Run and update the program. Make sure you update it first. If your computer (actually the virus or malware) won’t let you update it, run it anyway. Do the quick scan first. Remove the malware it finds and restart the computer and then run it again. If you can update it on the second time, update it and run it again, this time do the full scan.

Then go to the top of this blog post and install one of the antiviruses and the SuperAntispyware.

Good luck and let me know what works or doesn’t for you. Also let me know if it’s hard to download the antispyware. How bad is the virus? Click here to comment.

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10 Responses

  1. This virus is toxic. It attacked my hard drive. I could type only a few words.

    I do know why I clicked the link. I typically am quick to these scams.

    Unfortunately, they got a hold of my bank card info and charged my card. I think it was them because my bank card was used the next day after my laptop was infected. I cancelled my card.

    They charge was unable to process due to wrong address. Thank God and my bank is high alert now.

    I am just worried about my other info and how much they were able to get.

    Yet, thank you Ms. Ducktoes because the Malwarebytes worked and allowed me to type. Then I used the Spyware and then the Antivirus software.

    I followed all the directions and even running another test today.

    You saved my lap top!

    I hope now I am okay.

  2. Princess,
    Wow, what an ordeal! Thanks for letting me know that the Hallmark Fix post was helpful. I really appreciate a comment like this.

    It’s amazing they tried to charge your credit card. I’m glad you canceled it in time and that they used the wrong address.

    As far as your laptop, that virus can sneak back, so I’d stay on high alert along with your bank and run the Malware Bytes and other anti-spyware once a day or so, until you know it’s gone.

    Thanks again for your comment.
    Ms. Ducktoes

  3. Really good story about anti-virus.I’m agree with you that we should buy anti-virus from a recommended shop or company.We should also check the features as well. valuable story to read.