New Web Design: Dawsco Coffee Services Inc. Website

New Web Design: Dawsco Coffee Services Inc. Website

Ducktoes Web Design has just finished one of our latest web designs.  Dawsco Coffee Services is a successful, efficient, major Calgary coffee business.  They needed a three-headed website with a landing page and three distinct sections that reflected this success and status, so we created a unique, new generation, and clean-looking  landing page with the three sections displayed with large icons.

The three blue icons and logo of Dawsco Coffee Services website.
Dawsco Coffee Services Landing Page


Each section has its own look and feel under a clean and professional unifying theme.

The Office Coffee Services Section is a persuasive display of DawsCo’s top-of-the-line business coffee services, promoting to Calgary business owners the benefits of using their coffee services.

The Online Keurig K-Cup Shop is a new online service offered by Dawsco that sell Keurig K-Cups and K-Cup accessories online.  We incorporated the clean, professional look into a simple-to-use and attractive shopping cart.  170 different K-Cups and accessories are offered here to online customers throughout Alberta and Canada.

The Boutique is one-page section displaying Dawsco’s inhouse specialty K-Cup storefront.

Of course we also made the web design responsive so it looks good on a smart phone, tablet, notebook, and desktop.  This is how the business coffee services page looks on a smartphone.

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