Third Website Design for Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving

Third Website Design for Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving

One of our oldest and dearest clients, Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving, recently requested a redesign of their website.  They wanted an upgrade to a new generation website that filled the screen and would be more interactive. They also wanted contact forms.

We at Ducktoes Webdesign were excited by this challenge.  We were happy since we wanted to make the site more personalized with real photos of Derek’s Brown’s company in action and also create some eye-catching visual movement that would create interest and keep users on the page longer. We needed to make it more mobile responsive as sites need to be now since users are using smart phones and tablets more as well as laptops and desktops.

I created their first website in 2009 when I was solo and very new in my computer services business and the only one working for my company.   It looked like this (this is a screenshot from the WaybackMachine):


Then a previous Ducktoes web designer named Jody Gristwood designed this webdesign in 2013:


Now here is our newest web design just launched this week:


Here it is as a mobile site:

If you’d like a web design like this from Ducktoes, call 403-483-0105 or visit our Calgary Web Design page.


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