5 Ways to Make your Website more Secure from Hackers

5 Ways to Make your Website more Secure from Hackers

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Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world. The internet is rife with hackers, fraud, and danger all around. It’s a maelstrom out there.  Most sites are subjected to brute force attacks with password guessing on a regular basis.  Many get hacked into and then injected with malware causing the site not to function well and to get blacklisted from Google. Sometimes all this is happening on hidden pages or code, and it is hard for site owners to even notice their site has been compromised. To help prevent this, you need make your website more secure.  Here are a few ways toward greater security.

1. Change the ftp and Cpanel passwords regularly.
2. Remove the admin user from WordPress sites or default user from other CMS sites. That way the hackers have to guess the user and the password. Before you remove the admin user, you’ll have to create a new user with administrator rights and a strong password.  Write this down and never lose it.
3. Use plugins like Securi and log the log in attempts to your site.  You’ll be astonished at how often someone or some bot tries to log in.  You’ll see the need to secure your website.
4. Backup your site regularly, both the files and the database.
5. Use strong passwords that are long, a mixture of numbers, letters, special characters, and upper case.

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