How to Remove New Skype Virus

How to Remove New Skype Virus

I saw a new Skype virus this week. It was sending a series of numbers out on Skype messaging to a contact my client didn’t recognize. My client and I were worried they were credit card or bank account numbers but couldn’t match them. Whatever they were, we didn’t want that going on. To remove it I used our Ducktoes anti-virus cocktail which is our trade secret at Ducktoes. It thoroughly removes almost any virus. Those it can’t remove, we remove by hand.


This shows what the Skype virus message looks like. The Skype message interface with numbers in it.
The virus was sending messages like this. I made up these numbers.

But here is a series of scanners that should get the Skype virus out of your computer.

Eset Online Scanner



F-secure Online Scanner

These are all wonderful malware and virus removers. I recently bought Malwarebytes Pro for my family since it protects against the encryption virus.

If you live near Calgary and need virus removal bring your infected computer to our virus lab. Alternatively, we can remote into your computer anywhere to remove viruses.