New Website Design: Calgary Costume Shop

Here is one of our newest web designs for a costume business in Calgary. Calgary Costume is a well-established, popular costume shop in northwest Calgary with a wide variety of costumes for Halloween and other masquerade events. Our objectives in designing the site was to fix the old broken site and to come up with a mobile responsive, professional, unique, attractive design in keeping with the fun and user-friendly costume shop. We wanted it to be distinct from other costume shop web designs so that the site would stand out from the crowd and look professional and classy. We also had to incorporate a shopping cart not for sales but for browsing through many costumes and accessories.


Here is their website:

If you want more information for our web design services, go to our web design page.

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Hey Pinch Me: Ducktoes Makes Dmoz!!

Dmoz Directory is the most sought after directory in the history of the internet and it can be extremely difficult to get into. Just this last week my listing for my company Ducktoes Computer Services was accepted by them. It may have been earlier but I just noticed last week. So I’m swooning over the discovery…and now listing my clients too, to see if I can get them into it.

Read more about this here in my SEO blog.

After this month, I’m not taking more SEO clients for awhile, but you can read about my SEO services here.

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If Microsoft Calls, Hang Up – Part 2

Woman in office talking on phone.

If Microsoft calls, hang up!

Microsoft doesn’t call people. Well, that’s not totally accurate, I’m sure they call people they are doing business with, but they don’t call ordinary people and tell them they have viruses on their computer. Not ever. They never show them the error logs in adminstrative tools and then ask for a credit card to fix the errors. So if someone calls you and says they’re from Microsoft, do yourself and your IT company or tech a favour and hang up immediately. Do not allow the criminals access to your computer. If in doubt call us at Ducktoes. We’ll tell you the caller is a fraudster, a criminal, a bad guy, someone after your money and nothing else. We’ll tell you to hang up.

One of my clients, who is also a friend and neighbour, fell for the fraud last week. He is such a nice and honest man, he assumes other people are honest too and was caught off guard momentarily. It is very understandable. He allowed the caller access into his computer. However, when asked for a credit card, my neighbour suspected something and hung up, yet the criminal had already put a password on the computer and disabled the keyboard and mouse. No one could log in. I took the computer into the shop and we hacked into it and removed the password but it was difficult and we almost couldn’t do it.

Here is the first part of this article written awhile ago.

Just remember Microsoft doesn’t call people, ever, to inform them their computer is malfunctioning. Never, ever, ever. So hang up.

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New Web Design: Dawsco Coffee Services Inc. Website

Ducktoes Web Design has just finished one of our latest web designs.  Dawsco Coffee Services is a successful, efficient, major Calgary coffee business.  They needed a three-headed website with a landing page and three distinct sections that reflected this success and status, so we created a unique, new generation, and clean-looking  landing page with the three sections displayed with large icons.

The three blue icons and logo of Dawsco Coffee Services website.

Dawsco Coffee Services Landing Page


Each section has its own look and feel under a clean and professional unifying theme.

The Office Coffee Services Section is a persuasive display of DawsCo’s top-of-the-line business coffee services, promoting to Calgary business owners the benefits of using their coffee services.

The Online Keurig K-Cup Shop is a new online service offered by Dawsco that sell Keurig K-Cups and K-Cup accessories online.  We incorporated the clean, professional look into a simple-to-use and attractive shopping cart.  170 different K-Cups and accessories are offered here to online customers throughout Alberta and Canada.

The Boutique is one-page section displaying Dawsco’s inhouse specialty K-Cup storefront.

Of course we also made the web design responsive so it looks good on a smart phone, tablet, notebook, and desktop.  This is how the business coffee services page looks on a smartphone.

If you would like your business to have a web design that promotes your business or organization 24/7 visit our web design page.


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New Keurig K-Cups Brewer: Come have a Coffee at Ducktoes


We have a new Keurig brewer at Ducktoes, so come have a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate when you stop by the shop.  We’d love to see you anytime.

Also we’re excited about our source of Keurig K-cups.  It’s Dawsco Coffee Services new online-shop specializing in K-cups.  We have hot chocolate and tea too.  It is so easy to order K-Cups from them and the prices are really reasonable, much cheaper than in any store.  They arrived the next day and the shipping was free.

I really like the taste of the coffee, especially for the Columbian.

Here’s our repair shop if you haven’t been in already.

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