SEO Training with Bruce Clay

Yesterday I finished SEO Training with Bruce Clay, and am now using new techniques and strategies in line with Google’s most recent best practices and web master guidelines. It was really eye-opening since many of these practices are overlooked by most internet marketing professionals so using them can help you rise about your competitors in ranking. I highly recommend the class.

If you would like more information about what our SEO packages can do for you please visit our Calgary SEO page.

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Inside Fireworks with a Drone

Here’s a video from youtube of a fireworks from the inside with a drone. Thanks to tech Doug Clark who is a drone and quad copter aficionado. Happy 1st and 4th of July!!!

Because of Doug, we also sell some small quadcopters in our computer shop.

Here’s a blog post about the quadcopters.

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Be There When You Can’t: Part 4

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

At a barbecue on the 4th of July, my nephew Matthew showed me how he could access his desktop computer from his android phone using Chrome Remote Desktop. I’d heard about Remote Desktop before but had never seen it in action and was impressed. I tried it on my own phone and laptop and decided to share it with you, my readers.

With Chrome Remote desktop, you can connect to your computer from your android phone or iphone, tablet, or other computer.   Then you can access, control, and use your computer remotely from your phone or other device.  To make it work you need to go to Chrome Web Store and launch and download the app to Chrome in every device you want to connect.


Then follow the instructions found here.  They will show you how to install Google Remote Desktop on any type or platform of computer.


If you’d like help setting up and using Google Remote Desktop yourself, call Ducktoes.  We can help you with that or to fix with any other computer issue.

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Patch Tuesday and Crash Wednesday Coming

Patch Tuesday is this coming Tuesday, July 8, 2014.  Microsoft will release six critical and medium updates for Windows and Internet Explorer that day.  There is also a Server Update. The server update will not require a restart but the others do.  The Internet Explorer updates will address several security vulnerabilities.  Since many if not most problems such as malware come in through the browser, don’t miss this update.

New wooden frame window symbolizing Windows Updates

Window Update Coming

Patch Tuesday refers to the second Tuesday of the month when Microsoft releases the newest updates (or patches) to its operating system.  Often the patches are security updates and will make your computer more secure against viruses and hacking.  Other patches will just make your Windows or other Microsoft software like Office work better.

Important: Make sure you don’t interrupt the update process once started and to have your laptop plugged in (not on battery power.)

For many of these updates a computer restart is needed to finish the installation process.  It is really important to make sure your computer is not turned off in the middle of the update process and is plugged in (not on battery power).  During the restart, the installation begins.  If the update installation is interrupted by loss of power or being turned off in the middle for any reason your computer may not boot afterward.


Critical note:  If you don’t have Windows 8.1 Update of you will not receive anymore updates for Windows 8.1. Read another blog post for more information about this update (8.1).

Another note: Windows XP no longer gets security or any other updates since it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft will have a webcast on the latest security bulletins on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 11 am or at noon in Calgary, AB.

Crash Wednesday jokingly refers to the day after Patch Tuesday when many of the updates go wrong and crash the OS.  Crash Wednesday is then followed by Repair Thursday when Ducktoes gets many computers in for a botched update process.  If you need your computer fixed after the update click here.

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Be Careful: Cryptolocker Back after Two Week Hiatus

Cryptolocker is back after a two week break.  This ransomware encrypts all the files on your computer’s hard drive and will not decrypt them you pay the ransom.  Two weeks ago the FBI and Mounties took down Gameover Zeus servers which also contained the Cryptolocker virus and put both out of commission.  We at Ducktoes were so relieved because as a virus removal service dedicated to helping you and fixing your computers quickly and effectively we often have to deal with this horrible virus.  After a computer is infected there is very little we can do to bring the files back.  Cryptolocker is devastating to businesses that lose business files and individuals who lose all their files, especially photos.

Unfortunately, Cryptolocker is now being used as a stand-alone program without Gameover Zeus.  It is back in service.

Read more.

What we can do at Ducktoes is prevention and help you not get the virus in the first place.  Please be careful and do the following:

  1. Don’t open pdfs or any attachments unless you are ENTIRELY sure about them.
  2. Backup your computer right now and then disconnect the backup drive from your computer.  Backup often.
  3. Install Malwarebytes Premium.  It prevents the virus.  We have it on sale at the shop.


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