6 Benefits of Solid State Hard Drives


We’ve previously written about how important it is to backup your SSD’s regularly. Today we will cover the benefits of Solid State Hard Drives over regular hard drives.

1. Faster Boot Times: SSD’s are up to 100x faster than regular hard drives. This means faster boot times. I had an aging laptop running Windows 7 that took over 3 minutes to finish booting. I put an SSD into that same laptop and now it boots in 15 seconds!

2. More Responsiveness: Programs load significantly faster. You click on the icon and almost instantly the program is loaded and ready for your input.

3. Less Power Usage – SSD’s don’t have any moving parts so they use less power. This means a lower energy bill over time and a longer battery life if you have a notebook computer.

4. Lower Temperatures: SSD’s run cooler because they don’t have platters spinning all the time. This means the other components in your computer are exposed to less heat overall which will help your computer last longer.

5. Practically Indestructible: SSD’s are far more durable. Because there are no moving parts, Solid State Hard Drives aren’t affected by bumps or drops like a regular hard drive.

6. Silent Operation: Once again, due to not having any moving parts, SSD’s are almost completely silent. This makes them perfect for media streaming boxes or home theatre computers.

For more information on Solid State Hard Drives, come see us at our store!


About the author

Jody Gristwood is a guest blogger. More of his work can be found at his blog that covers technology news that affects Canadians.

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Finally, a Cure for Cryptolocker

Some of our clients’ computers have been infected with the virus Cryptolocker which encrypts all the files on the computer, and often, unfortunately, the business data and photos. People lose all their baby photos, once in a lifetime travel photos, or photos of a deceased family member or friend. They lose important business data. Now two IT cyber security companies, FireEye and Fox IT have partnered to provide a free service that will decrypt the files.

The virus creators were stopped for awhile by the FBI and RCMP’s Operation Tovar which took down many of the cyber-criminals’ servers. After a couple of weeks, however, Cryptolocker was back, although not as rampant as before, it seems, from my experience. During Operation Tovar decryption keys were obtained and FireEye and Fox IT

These companies have a created website www.decryptcryptolocker.com that will help you get a free decryption key.


On the website, you have to upload a encrypted file and send an email address and they will send you a decryption key.

If anyone needs help with doing this or has been infected with Cryptolocker in the past, Ducktoe’s anti-virus lab would be glad to help you recover your encrypted files.

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Chrome Browser Rocks

It also adds and subtracts, multiplies and divides. Yes, Chrome is a calculator. Just put any problem (expression) you want solved into Chrome’s address bar and it will give you an instant answer.

Screenshot 2014-08-01 15.03.09

Chrome will also convert measurement units and currency easily.

The best part of Chrome is how fast, minimalist and easy to use it is.

Speaking of Chrome, it has now become more popular browser for combined mobile + desktop market at 31.8 percent, compared to Internet Explorer’s 30.9 and Safari’s 25 percent . Firefox has declined to only 8.7 percent probably due to it’s lack of presence on mobile devices. A report from Adobe Digital Index shows Google to rapidly gaining in market share.  For desktops alone however, Internet Explorer still leads at 43 percent.

If you would like to switch to Chrome you can download it here.

If you would like Ducktoes help in installing Chrome just visit our computer repair shop in Calgary.

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SEO Training with Bruce Clay

In July, I finished SEO Training with Bruce Clay, and am now using new techniques and strategies in line with Google’s most recent best practices and web master guidelines. It was really eye-opening since many of these practices are overlooked by most internet marketing professionals so using them can help you rise about your competitors in ranking. I highly recommend the class.

If you would like more information about what our SEO packages can do for you please visit our Calgary SEO page.

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Inside Fireworks with a Drone

Here’s a video from youtube of a fireworks from the inside with a drone. Thanks to tech Doug Clark who is a drone and quad copter aficionado. Happy 1st and 4th of July!!!

Because of Doug, we also sell some small quadcopters in our computer shop.

Here’s a blog post about the quadcopters.

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