New Web Design: Dawsco Coffee Services Inc. Website

Ducktoes Web Design has just finished one of our latest web designs.  Dawsco Coffee Services is a successful, efficient, major Calgary coffee business.  They needed a three-headed website with a landing page and three distinct sections that reflected this success and status, so we created a unique, new generation, and clean-looking  landing page with the three sections displayed with large icons.

The three blue icons and logo of Dawsco Coffee Services website.

Dawsco Coffee Services Landing Page


Each section has its own look and feel under a clean and professional unifying theme.

The Office Coffee Services Section is a persuasive display of DawsCo’s top-of-the-line business coffee services, promoting to Calgary business owners the benefits of using their coffee services.

The Online Keurig K-Cup Shop is a new online service offered by Dawsco that sell Keurig K-Cups and K-Cup accessories online.  We incorporated the clean, professional look into a simple-to-use and attractive shopping cart.  170 different K-Cups and accessories are offered here to online customers throughout Alberta and Canada.

The Boutique is one-page section displaying Dawsco’s inhouse specialty K-Cup storefront.

Of course we also made the web design responsive so it looks good on a smart phone, tablet, notebook, and desktop.  This is how the business coffee services page looks on a smartphone.

If you would like your business to have a web design that promotes your business or organization 24/7 visit our web design page.


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New Keurig K-Cups Brewer: Come have a Coffee at Ducktoes


We have a new Keurig brewer at Ducktoes, so come have a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate when you stop by the shop.  We’d love to see you anytime.

Also we’re excited about our source of Keurig K-cups.  It’s Dawsco Coffee Services new online-shop specializing in K-cups.  We have hot chocolate and tea too.  It is so easy to order K-Cups from them and the prices are really reasonable, much cheaper than in any store.  They arrived the next day and the shipping was free.

I really like the taste of the coffee, especially for the Columbian.

Here’s our repair shop if you haven’t been in already.

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Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is difficult since since the laptops can be difficult to open.  The plastic gets brittle and tends to snap or disintegrate, the cables and connectors can break or short out, pins on connectors can bend.  Also it is difficult to get parts.  New parts from the manufacturers are expensive, used parts can be difficult to come by and require a lot of online research.  It is a risky and time-consuming business but since more and more people have laptops or notebooks, computer repair businesses must offer this service.

Laptop repair tech soldering computer component.

At Ducktoes, we have specialized, highly experienced notebook repair techs.  They know how to open and fix any type of laptop.  They can also solder and replace tiny capacitors and other components.

We fix:

  • Laptop screens
  • Laptop power jacks
  • Laptop keyboards
  • Laptop hinges
  • Other components and cable
  • Memory problems
  • Hard drives

Check out our laptop repair services today.




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Websites Under Siege from Hackers


Right now websites are under siege from hackers, who want to use your websites for blackhat SEO or to distribute malware.

Blackhat SEO hackers build pages, or edit existing pages, on your website that link to their own or client websites. Sometimes these pages will be about Viagra, other pharmaceuticals, or payday loans. Sometimes they’ll be about other subjects. depending on the client’s keywords and website. The hacked pages link back to the client’s or hacker’s websites, giving them a powerful dofollow link to help their SEO. The besieged host website is compromised, however, and can get blacklisted from Google. I’ve seen host websites so damaged they no longer functioned. In this case, the hackers changed the code so much the website no longer was visible or live, thus defeating their own purpose.


Malware hackers use the website to distribute their viruses and malware. Unwitting visitors go to the website and get infected from the hacked sites. These infected sites eventually will get flagged by Google. They’ll also get blacklisted and lose their rankings if not fixed quickly.
What you need to do

  • If you have a WordPress site you need to add some security plug-ins. Two good ones are Securi and BPS Security. If you are not WordPress you can still use Securi to monitor your site.
  • Also with WordPress and for all websites make your ftp login and control panel passwords more difficult. On WordPress, I recommended that you change the default log-in from admin to something else. Don’t lose your log-in credentials or you might not be able to get back into your own site easily.

If you are already infected, Ducktoes has an effective Wordpress and website virus removal service to clean up your site. We will remove all the malware and hacked pages.  We have done this for many sites already.

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6 Benefits of Solid State Hard Drives


We’ve previously written about how important it is to backup your SSD’s regularly. Today we will cover the benefits of Solid State Hard Drives over regular hard drives.

1. Faster Boot Times: SSD’s are up to 100x faster than regular hard drives. This means faster boot times. I had an aging laptop running Windows 7 that took over 3 minutes to finish booting. I put an SSD into that same laptop and now it boots in 15 seconds!

2. More Responsiveness: Programs load significantly faster. You click on the icon and almost instantly the program is loaded and ready for your input.

3. Less Power Usage – SSD’s don’t have any moving parts so they use less power. This means a lower energy bill over time and a longer battery life if you have a notebook computer.

4. Lower Temperatures: SSD’s run cooler because they don’t have platters spinning all the time. This means the other components in your computer are exposed to less heat overall which will help your computer last longer.

5. Practically Indestructible: SSD’s are far more durable. Because there are no moving parts, Solid State Hard Drives aren’t affected by bumps or drops like a regular hard drive.

6. Silent Operation: Once again, due to not having any moving parts, SSD’s are almost completely silent. This makes them perfect for media streaming boxes or home theatre computers.

For more information on Solid State Hard Drives, come see us at our store!


About the author

Jody Gristwood is a web designer at Ducktoes. More of his work can be found at his blog that covers technology news that affects Canadians.

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