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WordPress Virus Removal

Website Virus Removal
Someone unauthorized tries to log-in or hack-in to my WordPress site several times a day everyday and also into one of my client’s sites. After noticing this, I have heightened security and configured the log-in to resist hacking.

The hackers are trying to access my sites for their own ends: to put malware on it or use it as a blackhat SEO factory. They want to make extra, hidden pages with Viagra or payday loan ads or some other scheme. Whatever they are trying to do, I don’t want them anywhere close. Their changes would make a mess of my code and could get me blacklisted from Google.

But it does happen all the time, WordPress and other  websites get hacked into and infected with malware and viruses, then blacklisted by Google. Usually it’s a mess to clean up.

We’ve done it several times now for small business sites and are now offering it as a new service.

If your WordPress or other site is infected with Malware, we can remove the virus and clean up the code, then prevent it from happening again.

Just contact us for our WordPress Virus Removal Services.

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How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Forever


A photo of a new laptop battery in still in the cardboard box.

There’s one simple trick to making your laptop battery last longer.  Take it out while your laptop is plugged in.  The reason is simple.  Laptops batteries have only a limited amount of charges in them, sometimes as few as as 300.  If your battery is always inside the laptop, and always charging, it will run through those limited charges very quickly.  Instead you can charge the battery and take it out.  Then when you need the battery snap it back in and away you go.  You’ll have a battery that will last the life of your notebook.

Usually it’s easy to take out a battery.  Turn the laptop over, find the lock switch if it has one.  Switch the lock switch to unlock.  Now find the removal lever.  Push it and the battery will come easily.

If you can’t figure out how to take your battery out, stop at the store and we’ll be glad to show you.  At Ducktoes we replace laptop batteries and power adapters. We also fix laptop screens, jacks, and keyboards.

In fact, we repair all these:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Backlight/Inverter Replacements
  • Laptop Motherboard Replacements
  • Laptop Jack Fixes and Replacements
  • Laptop RAM Upgrades
  • Laptop Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Laptop Battery Replacements
  • Laptop Power Cord Replacements
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Today’s the Big Day


A graphic from Microsoft that says "Support is Ending Soon."

Today is the day many big things are happening at Microsoft. I’ve enumerated them below.

1. This is the end, my friend.  Windows XP is no longer supported.


To commemorate the demise of XP today, April 8th, I’ve found a photo of the original Bliss desktop from Windows XP and also a photo from the same perspective a few years later, revealing dying vines and a gloomy sky.  I know I’m being overly-dramatic, but it is over. Lol. XP is dead. As Google Chrome says when it crashes, “He’s dead, Jim.”

Here is the countdown for Enterprise customers. Unless of course you are the government of Great Britain or a major corporation.  You’ll get an extension for an expensive price.

2. Today is also the beginning since a new update for Windows 8.1 will be coming out that includes a return of the Start Menu. Ta duh. I know many people who will be overjoyed.

3. Today is also the end of support for Office 2003.

What you can do about the end of XP
If you have computers running XP you’ll want to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 especially if your computer has good enough specs to handle it, in other words, if your computer has a big enough processor and hard drive and enough ram to handle a modern operating system.  You don’t have to do this immediately.  You could keep running XP until you have trouble which may not happen for quite awhile and then change, if you don’t mind the inconvenience of changing when problems arise. Otherwise, you may want to buy a new computer as soon as your time and budget allow.  If XP keeps working for you in the meantime, go ahead and keep using it, it will still work but not as securely as before support ended.  Again, this may not be a problem for you.  It’s not an emergency.  Just keep in mind that eventually you’ll need a new operating system or computer.

What you can do about the end of Office 2003
If you are using Office 2003 you should switch to a newer version of Office, or a free open source counterpart like Libre Office.

What you should do about the return of the Start Menu
If you haven’t already, you should update to Windows 8.1 and you’ll get a start menu, since it’s coming in an update today.

Ducktoes can help
If you’d like help in getting a new computer or upgrading your old one, Ducktoes can help.   We have decent, reliable custom computers at fair prices.  We also have laptops at great prices. We’ll help you update your operating system or Office product too.  We provide computer repair services in Calgary, AB.

This is Microsoft has to say about the end of support  from their website.

Here is what I have to say about the return of the Start Menu in a previous post.

The photos are from Creative Commons.

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Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You, the Start Menu

Hey all of you haters of Windows 8, pining for your start menu, guess what? Microsoft has listened. The big date for the return of the Start Menu is April 8th. Notoriously missing from previous versions of Windows 8, it will coming on that date as an update. The start menu will be an update to the 8.1 update which you should already have if your computer has been updating normally.

Here’s is Windows 8 without a start menu (this is only a guess at what it will look like):


And with the start menu:


All along at Ducktoes we’ve been giving clients who were confused or unhappy with Windows 8, the “classic shell,” which is a third-party application that creates a start menu within in Windows 8.  We’ve been installing it on all new computers for clients who requested it.  Now “the classic shell” will no longer be necessary, as this latest update will install a start menu within Windows operating system itself.

I can’t wait. Ducktoes clients will be taking to the streets dancing in joy. There will be parades, fireworks, and celebrations everywhere. Well, okay, perhaps not, but many will certainly be smiling and laughing on April 8th.

A photo of large purplish-pink firework or a cityscape at night.

I hope that the new Start Menu is everything we expect it. We shall soon see.

Now if only they’d bring back Outlook Express, which my clients always ask for when they have to give up Windows XP.  Or what if they’d make a new operating system a modern Windows XP and call it Windows XP 2015?  Everyone would adore that.

If you need help with Windows updates so you can get a start menu on April 8th, just drop by the shop.  We can also do it remotely with our remote computer support.

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Announcing New Website Design

We’ve just finished designing another new website, this one for our client Clauson’s Cold and Cooler Ltd. Their old website was over 12 years old and quite dated looking. I wanted a new look in keeping with the companies very active and successful business. I wanted to show the company in day-to-day operation. The client asked us to come up with the photos and text. I then had to research cold storage and take photos, which I editted in Photoshop. I made a frosty-looking background also in Photoshop. One photo that I really liked unfortunately had a large shadow on the man’s face. I reduced the shadow in Photoshop using photo-correcting tools. I also found a font that looked “frozen.”

An image of Clauson Cold Storage  a new webdesign by Ducktoes

While at their office, I noticed an old newspaper page and article about the business framed and mounted on the wall. I incorporated that into the website by creating the history page. We had to take down the photo and carefully remove it from the frame, then make copies with a scanner that was large enough to scan the whole spread. The results look great. I left the photos at high-resolution which makes them download more slowly but work well visually. They demonstrate all the texture and detail of the old framed newspaper page complete with ads and photos. You can see the original owner as a handsome young entrepreneur. You can see the old trucks they used and the old building.

We also made a mobile responsive web design. That means the website looks good on any screen.

Here is what the design looks like on a smaller screen like a phone or tablet:

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