Free Software

[ad name=”new”] While surfing the net on Stumble, I came across this great site of Free Applications for Windows. It has some great software for you, including a web design software that rivals Dreamweaver and FrontPage and is free. And while you’re on there, download AVG to protect your computer from viruses. [ad name=”new”]

AVG Faster Now: AVG Press Release

The new AVG is out. It’s faster and uses less resources which means it uses less of your computer’s limited processing power while protecting your computer. Here’s the press release from October of this year from AVG Technologies describing the newest version of AVG: “Amsterdam, October 5, 2009 – AVG Technologies, developers of the world’s […]

Best Free Anti-Spyware of 2008

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] This year Ms. Ducktoes has added more free anti-spyware to our regulars: Spybot and Ad-Aware SE, which have been on our best anti-spyware list for years. At Ducktoes we fight spyware on computers everyday and these are our the most potent and useful. 1. Malwarebytes Our top best free anti-spyware of the […]

Free Anti-Spyware Programs and Tools

[ad name=”new”] People often think that if they have an antivirus software such as Norton they are safe against malware. This is a dangerous misconception that creates a lot of work (and $!!!) for techies like Ms. Ducktoes. Most anti-virus programs fight only viruses and provide very poor protection for the increasingly dangerous and sophisticated […]