Spying on Spouses or Lovers with Keyloggers

[ad name=”new”] Sometimes computer repair jobs turn into something else. Sometimes Ms. Ducktoes is sitting quietly, concentrating on a computer and the client starts to talk, and before Ms. Ducktoes can say, “I think your hard drive is going bad,” she finds herself in the middle of a sensitive personal disclosure. Other times people request […]

Missing Screensaver Tab

[ad] If, after you’ve removed viruses or spyware, (especially after a bout of Windows XP Anti-Virus 2008 or 2009) you’re missing the Screensaver tab from the Display Properties of your computer’s Control Panel, then here is the fix. Download it here: http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/reg… Run it and when it asks if you want to add information to […]

Task Manager is not a To Do List

[ad] Polly is one of my favorite clients. Whenever I go to her house or office she serves the tastiest gourmet coffee and chocolates. And she is appreciative, worrying aloud that I’ll be snapped up by an offer I can’t refuse, as her last computer tech was, and no longer be available to fix her […]

Win32 Bho.je

[ad name=”new”] Six people have come to this site in the last two days looking for help with Win32 Bho.je. Another reader told me that Spybot cured the same malware on his computer after Spybot’s March 26 update which included the “browser helper object” in its definitions. I’d love to hear what the specific symptoms […]