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Six people have come to this site in the last two days looking for help with Win32 Another reader told me that Spybot cured the same malware on his computer after Spybot’s March 26 update which included the “browser helper object” in its definitions. I’d love to hear what the specific symptoms of this trojan are like on your computer. It would be great if you’d tell me about your experience. Thanks so much. And try downloading Spy bot and see if it gets rid of your Win32 We need to find something that works for people. I got rid of it on an infected computer but used several anti-spyware and am not sure of which one finally did it.


2 Responses

  1. One man sent me an e-mail. He wrote “I tried the Spybot and it worked. I was having trouble with my Internet Explorer and now its back to normal.”

    Anyone else?