Gamers, We are Entering a New Realm, or Where are my Earphones?

Gamers, We are Entering a New Realm, or Where are my Earphones?

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Ducktoes has entered a new realm of computing. We are now building custom gaming machines. We have always built gaming machines but now we are doing it with intention and passion. We even have some models posted on our websitecustomcomputer.

This new realm involves a lot of heated discussion. We are striking near to the heart of gamers everywhere and especially the gamers who work as Ducktoes techs. Now we have to discuss for a long, long time, over and over, what is better, an AMD or Intel processor? And what is the best board for gaming options and reliability? Is it Asus or Gigabyte or Sapphire or what? We have very strong opinions about these boards and processors and oh, yes, video cards.

I am pulled in opposite directions. One tech convinces me about the supremacy of Gigabytes boards, until I talk to another who show me a website with awesome Asus boards.  One agrees with my fondness for the reliability of i7 processors, until another shows me the more bang for your buck of AMD.

But whatever is right or wrong, whoever is right or wrong, all these machines are fast, and built with passion and skill. I don’t think you can go wrong here. Milliseconds are milliseconds, right? No, no, no, wrong, wrong, wrong they tell me. Intel i7 beats the crap off of AMD by a long shot. Are you kidding me, no processor beats AMD 8-core FX processors Black Edition, says the other. Even I, known to argue heatedly with my techs about other things, say virus removal, for instance, am daunted.  Ok, ok, let’s let the client decide what he or she wants okay, I say, trying to be diplomatic and to remember not bring this up anymore, if possible. I have to do invoices, I say, heading for the stairs, wondering where I left my noise cancelling earphones.

But secretly I’m pleased my techs care so much…this has to be good for the quality of the computers.  So whatever your bent, AMD or Intel, Gigabyte or Asus, come join the discussion, or better yet, let us build your new high-quality gaming machine whichever way you think is faster and better and more economical.  I really think they all will serve you well.

We are Ducktoes, your Calgary gaming machine enthusiasts. Your Calgary custom computer builder of all types.

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