What Brands I Recommend

What Brands I Recommend

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As I said in my last post, I am worried about all kinds and brands of hard drives. I no longer think they are made well. I buy Seagate usually.

I like Intel boards and processors. I like Cooler Master and Antec cases. I like Asus motherboards too. I hardly see any ASUS computers in our repair shop so I’m thinking they might be better made.

The power jacks on Toshiba laptops are notoriously bad. We fix a lot of those and it’s expensive $200 or more to fix.

I like Dell’s customer service. They have more drivers and support on their website than most of the others. They answer their phone. This makes me want to buy their computers. They seem to care more for customers post-sale. HP is fine too in customer service. Sony’s customer service isn’t home when you call. Their website has zippo. Toshiba is also also out of office with few drivers and support on their websites.

I used to love Lenovo computers (IBM) but my husband has had a lot of problems with his laptop so I’m wondering about them too now. They do look well-built from the inside, instead of a mass of plastic and wires every which way.

I love my new Epson printer. It was inexpensive and easy to set up. Older HP printers were the best but now come with so much software attached they slow down the computers they are attached too.

Kingsgate ram seems reliable.

LG monitors are good.