Free Defragmentation and other Repair Utilities for your Computer

Free Defragmentation and other Repair Utilities for your Computer

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Last post I promised to recommend some good defragmentation tools to help speed up your computer. So here goes.

Defragmentation can make a big difference in hard drive performance and helping a computer stay faster longer. It’s an essential computer repair and hard drive process. I’ve previously explained in an old post what defragmentation is and does to a computer. That post also talks about the built-in defragger in Windows (defragger is a simpler word I’ve coined for defragmentation utility.) Click here to read that post.

As far as third party defraggers go, at Ducktoes Computer Repair we love Auslogics!!!  Their defragmenting tool is fast, effective, and free. We also love their Boostspeed, their more comprehensive speed booster, although isn’t not free.   It does help speed up a lagging computer in many ways, however, and especially on the Internet. Download both here.

There also an open source defragger, UltraDefrag, which is also excellent.

For more free utilities, “>here’s a site I just discovered on the Internet. It looks really promising and I hope to go back there when I have more time.
You should too.