Top Eight Ways to See More of your Computer Repair Tech

Top Eight Ways to See More of your Computer Repair Tech

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Here are the top eight ways to make sure your computer goes into the shop on a frequent basis:

1. Use P2Ps like Limewire. You’ll be on a network of thousands of computers and will get a lot of viruses quickly. Some of the viruses will not be discovered by your anti-virus if you have one. A couple will be downloaders or droppers and will suck in even more viruses from the evil virus-creator’s server. Soon you’ll get hundreds of viruses and your Internet won’t work. Don’t use the Limewire Pro that scans downloaded songs for viruses. You’ll have to call your computer tech quite soon.

2. Don’t get your adult movies from the movie store. Instead visit online porn sites frequently. You’ll get even more viruses than the users of p2ps. And while you’re there download the porn site’s video codec. It will be chock-full of viruses.

3. Don’t keep your laptop in a soft cushy case protected by jolts and bumps. Soon the metallic circuitry will chip and your motherboard will malfunction. Leave it on the couch or floor to suck in little bits of lint and pet hair. The fan will give out.

4. Let your house-sitter or teenager and his friends have access to your computer.

5. Let your desktop computer accumulate dust. Never open it and clean it out with canned air. Eventually the cpu fan and the power supply will clog up and you’ll be able to take your computer to the shop.

6. Keep your computer in the kitchen and let it accumulate cooking grease along with the dust. This will make it harder for the computer tech to clean.

7. Don’t use an anti-virus or anti-spyware. Your computer will be in the shop in a few days or weeks.

8. When your computer does succumb to a virus or accumulated dust and makes you lose your temper, give it a punch or a kick. This may break it immediately or make the screen have a permanent dark spot.

Seriously, if you’d like help with your computer and you live in Calgary, visit or if you are a business visit

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