Try Canned Air to Prevent Computer Repair

Try Canned Air to Prevent Computer Repair

Yes, we want your business.  No, canned air is not good for our business because it prevents a lot of issues that keep your desktop out of the computer shop.  It probably doesn’t make sense for us to sell canned air and, if we really wanted more business, we should probably go around and buy up all the cans everywhere in Calgary.  Then computers would be coming in, in droves.

Actually this is not necessary because most people don’t clean out their computers.  Many look like the below photo.

Electronic payments in the dust.

We do sell canned air because part of what we do is help you learn to maintain your computer and prevent unnecessary trips to the computer shop. We find this better business than buying up canned air everywhere.

If your desktop computer is too hot and you’re thinking of taking it into the computer shop, try opening it up and spraying out the dust with canned air first.  This can make a dramatic difference.  Clogged fans are not very effective since the cooling air can not circulate throughout the desktop.  The heat is trapped inside.  The processor can overheat as well as the video card.  This can mean costly hardware replacements.  Even the hard drives can get too hot.  Sometimes dust can burn out a power supply.  This prevents the computer from powering on.

Cleaning out your computer once in awhile is a really good maintenance measure and can forestall a lot of problems.   Canned air can prevent costly computer repair .  It”s a good idea to take the computer outside to spray instead of blowing all that dust around your house or business.  We sell canned air at Ducktoes. If you don’t want to clean your computer yourself, we can do that for you too.  We often do it as part of computer repair job,  as a courtesy.