If Microsoft Calls, Hang Up – Part 2

If Microsoft Calls, Hang Up – Part 2

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Woman in office talking on phone.
If Microsoft calls, hang up!

Microsoft doesn’t call people. Well, that’s not totally accurate, I’m sure they call people they are doing business with, but they don’t call ordinary people and tell them they have viruses on their computer. Not ever. They never show them the error logs in adminstrative tools and then ask for a credit card to fix the errors. So if someone calls you and says they’re from Microsoft, do yourself and your IT company or tech a favour and hang up immediately. Do not allow the criminals access to your computer. If in doubt call us at Ducktoes. We’ll tell you the caller is a fraudster, a criminal, a bad guy, someone after your money and nothing else. We’ll tell you to hang up.

One of my clients, who is also a friend and neighbour, fell for the fraud last week. He is such a nice and honest man, he assumes other people are honest too and was caught off guard momentarily. It is very understandable. He allowed the caller access into his computer. However, when asked for a credit card, my neighbour suspected something and hung up, yet the criminal had already put a password on the computer and disabled the keyboard and mouse. No one could log in. I took the computer into the shop and we hacked into it and removed the password but it was difficult and we almost couldn’t do it.

Here is the first part of this article written awhile ago.

Just remember Microsoft doesn’t call people, ever, to inform them their computer is malfunctioning. Never, ever, ever. So hang up.