“Click Here to Read this Message” Hotmail and MSN Virus

“Click Here to Read this Message” Hotmail and MSN Virus

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I’ve gotten this infected email four times, including one from my sister, and one from my sister-in-law. All four came from Hotmail or MSN accounts so I assume it’s a Hotmail/MSN virus.

The message looks like this or something similiar.  This is the one from my sister:

And the one from my sister-in-law was even more sophisticated because it put my name in the message:

If you click on it you will get the virus too and it will send messages to everyone in your Hotmail or MSN account. What I don’t know if it infects your computer or if it just infects your account on Microsoft’s servers. I don’t want to click and find out, unless I do it on a junk computer.  Until I have time to do that, I traced one email back to Spain.

I sent an email to the address in Spain of the internet provider to warn them, to this address: abuse@orange.es.

The other came from Turkey.

If you’ve received this email and clicked on it, I recommend that you run Malwarebytes. If that doesn’t fix it, then call Ducktoes Computer Repair and Calgary IT support to help you. We can even fix your computer over the internet remotely, anywhere in the world.

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