Free Anti-Spyware Programs and Tools

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People often think that if they have an antivirus software such as Norton they are safe against malware. This is a dangerous misconception that creates a lot of work (and $!!!) for techies like Ms. Ducktoes.

Most anti-virus programs fight only viruses and provide very poor protection for the increasingly dangerous and sophisticated malware and spyware on the web.

It never hurts to have more than one antispyware. Thousands of malware and spyware are developed for the first time or re-versioned everyday (to elude detection) and no one antispyware can catch it all.

If you want real time, effective protection that just runs automatically on your computer without effort or knowledge on your part, then buy Spyware Doctor. Otherwise you need to run many antispyware and learn how to use them.

Below are the best ones for you to try:

  • MalwarebytesAntiMalware – Malwarebytes removes most malware quite effectively. Many techs now use it as their first defence against difficult spyware.

My son at university called and asked how he could remove some bad malware that his antivirus and anti-spyware couldn’t catch or remove. His computer was so bad he was thinking of reformating his drive. I told him to try Malwarebytes, and it fixed the problem.

I’ve used it against a bad case of Windows XP AntiVirus 2008. I had to use it in combination with other anti-spyware applications, but it did most of the work.

This is a feisty little program that got rid of some potent meanies on clients’ machines. I encountered it in my search to find effective anti-spyware solutions for some of the BAD malware out there. It seemed quite useful against Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009. Dr. Web Cureit is created by a Russian company and is endorsed by the Ministry of the Defence of the Russian Federation. Now there’s an endorsement most antispywares can’t claim.

Whoa. This one really caught a lot on the spyware tests I put it through.

Antivirus Tools

AVG 8 Free for Personal Use

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Hints for Techies – Take the Computer to the Lab

There’s no way a tech can remove and clean up all the spyware on a badly infected machine in just a couple of hours. So, if you remove the spyware on-site, you end up having to charge a lot to remove a little. It’s better to take the machine “to the lab,” and run and apply all your removal and clean up strategies. Since then you can also do other things, like write your blog, or change out someone’s video card, while you are running everything, you can afford to charge for just a couple of hours of labor, while you work on the computer for 12 or 15 or more. Also the client doesn’t end up paying a huge amount to have spyware removed. Once you have the computer “at the lab”, do your magic. If you want suggestions on what to do follow my anti-spyware guide and then speed up your client’s computer while you’re at it, by following the suggestions here on the Ducktoes Tutorial.

The only difficulty is with clients who don’t want you to remove their infected computer. Then you have to do the best job you can within a short amount of time. I recommend installing Spyware Doctor and run it. Click the below ad.

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Stop! Freeze! Drop that E-mail Attachment!

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Whatever you do don’t open it!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. Ms. Ducktoes has been busy removing tons of malware from computers. On two of them, the clients opened an e-mail attachment that claimed to be from a friend. It was actually a worm working overtime and sending out e-mails from the friend’s infected computer.

When in doubt, check it out, my fearless feathered friends, before opening an attachment. Both clients got hundreds of spyware and a worm or two or ten, it’s hard to remember, I think I’m still in post-traumatic stress from it all. Before downloading, e-mail the friend and ask if they sent it to you. They definitely did, or, rather, a worm on their computer did, but if they don’t know it and didn’t send it deliberately, then it’s dastardly worm full of nasties.

So please give Ms. Ducktoes a rest and don’t download e-mail attachments that you’re not absolutely sure of, especially anything ending in .exe or .dll. You can open photos and text files but not executables!!!

If you do open one, call a tech, they may want to do a reformat, since for many techs that’s the knee-jerk reaction to a virus or spyware of any sort. They must be getting exercise from all that knee-jerking, I can tell you, with all the malware that is out there right now. You don’t have to lose everything, however, you can get rid of malware without reformatting, you really can.

Call 403-483-0105.

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Today I’m removing (from an Acer laptop) a trojan called Win32.Renos. It causes false alerts on the desktop purporting to be from Windows. If you click on the alert, the trojan then downloads a rogue anti-spyware called Win SpyControl, AntiSpy Kit, and Virus Ranger.

The alert looks like this or some other warning:

This is a photo of the alert that Win32 Renos causes to pop-up on your desktop.

This is a photo of the alert that Win32 Renos causes to pop-up on your desktop.

The rogue anti-spyware seems to be associated with the Zlob download trojan too and a web address (Warning, don’t go to that site!!)

I removed it using Spy bot and Spyware Doctor.

Here’s what Microsoft says about this spyware. Microsoft associates Win32.renos with SpySheriff group of rogue anti-spyware products.

Whichever rogue anti-spyware Win32.renos is linked to, they all do the same thing. They attempt to get you to download and pay for bogus anti-spyware that is really spyware itself. This is fraud. It also infests your computer with lots of dangerous spyware.

Ducktoes to the rescue!! Please leave a comment if you have more to add about this problem or any questions.

This is a photo of the alert that Win32 Renos causes to pop-up on your desktop.

This is a photo of the alert that Win32 Renos causes to pop-up on your desktop.

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