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[ad name=”new”] If you have viruses, spyware, or malware or just want to manage and repair your computer better, this is the blog for you. Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair is in Calgary, Alberta Canada.¬†We also offer other Calgary Computer Services such as web design, seo, and onsite it support for businesses and residences and will […]

Fix your Wireless Mouse

[ad name=”new”] Is your wireless computer mouse behaving erratically? Or not at all? One simple fix is to change the battery. One client of mine had trouble with her mouse, and she wanted to buy a new computer. Really all she needed to do was change the battery. There’s a battery compartment like on a […]

Put in More Ram – Desktop Computers

[ad name=”new”] One of the easiest things to do to increase your computer’s performance is to put in more ram. That’s the computer available to running processes while the computer is turned on. When you have more, your computer can do more, and in less time. All you have to do to put in more […]