Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You, the Start Menu

Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You, the Start Menu

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Hey all of you haters of Windows 8, pining for your start menu, guess what? Microsoft has listened. The big date for the return of the Start Menu is April 8th. Notoriously missing from previous versions of Windows 8, it will coming on that date as an update. The start menu will be an update to the 8.1 update which you should already have if your computer has been updating normally.

Here’s is Windows 8 without a start menu (this is only a guess at what it will look like):


And with the start menu:


All along at Ducktoes we’ve been giving clients who were confused or unhappy with Windows 8, the “classic shell,” which is a third-party application that creates a start menu within in Windows 8.  We’ve been installing it on all new computers for clients who requested it.  Now “the classic shell” will no longer be necessary, as this latest update will install a start menu within Windows operating system itself.

I can’t wait. Ducktoes clients will be taking to the streets dancing in joy. There will be parades, fireworks, and celebrations everywhere. Well, okay, perhaps not, but many will certainly be smiling and laughing on April 8th.

A photo of large purplish-pink firework or a cityscape at night.

I hope that the new Start Menu is everything we expect it. We shall soon see.

Now if only they’d bring back Outlook Express, which my clients always ask for when they have to give up Windows XP.  Or what if they’d make a new operating system a modern Windows XP and call it Windows XP 2015?  Everyone would adore that.

If you need help with Windows updates so you can get a start menu on April 8th, just drop by the shop.  We can also do it remotely with our remote computer support.