Opera is Better, Reader Claims

Opera is Better, Reader Claims

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And I don’t mean music, although operatic music is wonderful too. I mean Opera, the web browser. A reader of this blog (Italian, I think) said it was the safest browser out there. So I’m going to check it out. You can too. Click here to download it.

I still love Firefox. And highly recommend it. It may not be as safe as Opera but it is safer than Internet Explorer.

Are you still using Internet Explorer? Then Ms. Ducktoes will have to be severe with you!! You are courting disaster. Switch to a safer browser. NOW!!

Download Firefox or Opera today!!!

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4 Responses

  1. Ciao again! 🙂
    Thanks for attention to my previous message, this time I’m giving you some links where you can see is more than just ‘what I said’.

    for Opera: http://secunia.com/product/10615/
    and FF2: http://secunia.com/product/12434

    Please do not misunderstand: I’m using Opera since more than 5 years, so I’m just used to tab-browsing and integrated Email & IM clients, and best of the best, the mouse gestures 😉 so I’ll personally not change it for FF (when i tried it, i appreciated the source code view, but disliked the HUGE memory footprint and its slowliness), but yes it is damn easy to get use to it if you want to go safe and leave IE.

    The bottom line is: choose whatever, just keep your fingers off IE!

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Swarz,
    Thanks again for your comment and suggestions. I think I like Opera!!! I definitely like the smaller footprint. I’m all for faster computers. Speaking of which, do you know a virus software with a smaller footprint? I’ve always used and recommended AVG but, alas and alack, AVG8 has gone the way of Norton and McCaffee into a resource hog!!! I’m checking out Avast! It removed tons of spyware and viruses off one client’s computer. He’d accidentally opened a bad attachment on an e-mail.

    Your English is good. I wish I knew a foreign language as well. I’m learning German and Spanish on http://livemocha. com.

    All the best,
    Cathie (Ms. Ducktoes)

  3. Hi Cathie,
    I’m sorry to read you had problems with Adsense, recently you are not the first that I heard with WordPress and a similar problem.

    I’m very pleased that you like Opera, because I think we share a common “psychosis”: keep you PC tidy and running smooth.

    For personal use I have Avira (aka Antivir) since years, not invasive but efficent and always been free for personal use, its made by Germans and spotted nasty stuff that Norton (useless), Mcaffee (unreliable), AVG (straange) or Avast (good but big) were not seeing. Check it out at http://www.free-av.com , Hope it will do for you.
    oh! and yes, spybot search & destroy once in a while.

    Thanks for your compliments and thanks once again for the nice website you introduced me. To say it all, I currently speak German and Spanish as well, at the same level of english, this is what I’m paid for (European Customer Manager). Now I’m with the idea to begin with Japanese (as always, I learn new languages all by myself), I just have to find the time for it 😀

    Kind Regards,