More on Safestarts, a Dangerous End

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Safestarts is obviously creating a lot havoc out there, since so many people come to this blog searching for relief from its tenacious hold over their computers. Safestarts is scareware and malware. It extorts money from its victims by displaying dire warnings and alerts about finding spyware and adware on the computer. This is a fraudulent attempt to get the victims to buy Safestarts supposed anti-spyware for relief from its own assault. Safestarts has a website but it isn’t found will give you the error message “Not found.” They do have a website at however. Warning: Just go to see, don’t download anything!!!! The site “tests” your for spyware but every test result draws the same conclusion. It tells you to download several of the Safestart products. The company seems to be from Moergestel, Netherlands.
This is a screenshot of the Safestarts bogus test.

Never, ever download these programs.

To remove Safestarts programs and the annoying alerts and warnings follow the steps Ducktoes recommends for all spyware.

And make sure you switch to Firefox. That will help immensely and is easy.

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