More on Rootkits

Rootkits are malware tools used to hide spyware and trojan horses from your virus scanner and anti-spyware. They are quite effective. You could have a rootkit for months and never know since your virus software can’t detect it. Yesterday I told you about Spy Sweeper, an invaluable defender against rootkits and other trojans. I recommend Spy Sweeper to all my clients. And also AVG’s free rootkit scanner. I neglected to include Panda’s rootkit tool, also free. If I were you, I’d use them all, since the battle with spyware and rootkits is intensifying. Baby, it’s bad out there. Your best defence is, however, knowledge and training. put into action. Ducktoes can help you defend your computer from the onslaught. Call 403-483-0105.

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