You are NOT my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine

A new rogue anti-spyware has just crested over the cyber-horizon. By rogue anti-spyware, I mean a program that is supposed to get rid of spyware, but is actually spyware and malware itself. SunshineSpy is this decidedly unsunshiny program.

SunshineSpy gives you fake infection warnings and dire security alerts and uses rootkits to hide its dastardly and fraudulent doings from legitimate anti-spyware programs. It preys on the newbie and untrained computer user.

It is surprisingly easy to get rid of, however. Just go to your green start button on the bottom left of your computer screen. From there go to Control Panel and then to: Add and Remove Programs. From the list of programs that will eventually appear find SunshineSpy, and click the button to remove it. Restart your computer.

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