Warning to Bittorrents Users: You’re Being Watched

Warning to Bittorrents Users: You’re Being Watched

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Researchers are spying on Bittorrents users according to this article in The Register. So be careful or else your computer’s IP address and your illegal downloading habits could be recorded and monitored. .

According to another article on p2pnet news, some people charged for illegal downloading “fees” are fighting back. They’re hiring lawyers and challenging the big labels.

Close to 14,000 people have been charged fees for downloading music illegally, and, I imagine, software copyright infringements could be next.

The risks of being charged a big fee for downloaded or uploading music are probably quite small, but I’m not sure I still want to take the chance. I hate the idea of being monitored even for research.

And there’s an even better reason not to use p2ps and torrents. As a computer tech I see p2ps on almost every computer I fix. And many of them are infected with viruses. P2ps and torrents spread a lot of viruses and malware. Your computer repair bills from viruses caught on p2ps could end up costing more than what you’d spend on the cds you really enjoy.