How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Forever

How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Forever

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A photo of a new laptop battery in still in the cardboard box.

There’s one simple trick to making your laptop battery last longer.  Take it out while your laptop is plugged in.  The reason is simple.  Laptops batteries have only a limited amount of charges in them, sometimes as few as as 300.  If your battery is always inside the laptop, and always charging, it will run through those limited charges very quickly.  Instead you can charge the battery and take it out.  Then when you need the battery snap it back in and away you go.  You’ll have a battery that will last the life of your notebook.

Usually it’s easy to take out a battery.  Turn the laptop over, find the lock switch if it has one.  Switch the lock switch to unlock.  Now find the removal lever.  Push it and the battery will come easily.

If you can’t figure out how to take your battery out, stop at the store and we’ll be glad to show you.  At Ducktoes we replace laptop batteries and power adapters. We also fix laptop screens, jacks, and keyboards.

In fact, we repair all these:

  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • Laptop Backlight/Inverter Replacements
  • Laptop Motherboard Replacements
  • Laptop Jack Fixes and Replacements
  • Laptop RAM Upgrades
  • Laptop Hard Drive Upgrades
  • Laptop Battery Replacements
  • Laptop Power Cord Replacements

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