Be There When You Can’t: Part 4

Be There When You Can’t: Part 4

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Use Chrome Remote Desktop

At a barbecue on the 4th of July, my nephew Matthew showed me how he could access his desktop computer from his android phone using Chrome Remote Desktop. I’d heard about Remote Desktop before but had never seen it in action and was impressed. I tried it on my own phone and laptop and decided to share it with you, my readers.

With Chrome Remote desktop, you can connect to your computer from your android phone or iphone, tablet, or other computer.   Then you can access, control, and use your computer remotely from your phone or other device.  To make it work you need to go to Chrome Web Store and launch and download the app to Chrome in every device you want to connect.


Then follow the instructions found here.  They will show you how to install Google Remote Desktop on any type or platform of computer.


If you’d like help setting up and using Google Remote Desktop yourself, call Ducktoes.  We can help you with that or to fix with any other computer issue.