A Good Hard Drive is Hard Too Find

A Good Hard Drive is Hard Too Find

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I’ve been researching hard drives for my computer repair business. The results I’ve found so far seem to review performance and quality. I’d like to find research that compares drives for reliability and longevity but haven’t found many answers in that regard. I did find out that hard drives are designed to last for five years.

It all started with a client of mine, a business owner who has had really bad luck when it comes to hard drives. The hard drive in her 13-month-old computer and her backup hard drive went bad at the same time, and this after three other hard drives had gone bad in the last few years. Then I came to install a new backup hard drive, and it was bad to from the get go. So I decided to look at reviews for hard drives for her and my other clients.

Here is a hard drive review at Test Freaks that show promise:
According to it, certain Intel and Western Digital hard drives are the best. The best is an Intel that costs over $400. I think I’ll take a closer look at one of the Western Digitals, Western Digital 1 TB AV-GP SATA OEM AV Hard Drive WD10EVDS. It has a high score and isn’t too expensive. If you wanted to use it as an external, you can put it in an enclosure (which is what external hard drives are – hard drives in enclosures.)

The search goes on.