Facebook Starts a Museum about You!

Facebook Starts a Museum about You!

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This is a guest post written by Peter Trigueiro:

If you ever wanted a museum devoted to yourself, your wish has been granted! Facebook’s new timeline allows everyone on your friends list to go through any post you’ve made on Facebook very easily. Whereas before a person would feel their stalker shame build the farther and farther they went back on someone’s wall, now Facebook has organized your wall and made it an easy to navigate timeline.

Not only that, but Facebook will have other events in your life that you weren’t sure you told anyone about listed as events on your timeline. It will know what happened in Vegas and it will tell everyone about it.

Make sure to take the time to manage your timeline to best reflect yourself. That probably means deleting the wall post from 2007 where you and your friend tried to come up with new, improved curse words.