Cherry Pie Appreciation

Cherry Pie Appreciation

Last week our client Susan Goldsmith brought us a cherry pie to thank us for the computer repair we did for her. Yesterday she brought us homemade carrot cake.

Computer repair client.


I told her in the interest of weight management, we’d no longer be able to fix her computers. No, not really, we love people to drop by the shop for a visit and a cup of coffee or tea, with or without baking.  It is so wonderful to be appreciated. The cherry pie went so fast I almost didn’t get a photo before it was gone.  And if you’re wondering why, I think that foot in the bottom right of the photo belongs to Liz our SEO Calgary coordinator. Unfortunately, I didn’t get evidence of the other feet from the techs downstairs and the web design staff.

Cherrie Pie for computer repair


Our computer repair department has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks.  We are so grateful that so many Calgarians trust us to repair their computers.

Thank you Susan for being such an awesome client and giving you your business and appreciation.  We appreciate you and our other clients in return.