I don’t know if you noticed but this blog has been hacked. Instead of relevant Google adsense ads about spyware and viruses and computer-related services, unwanted prescription drug, credit, ringtone ads were being displayed. They still are if you go to some of my individual posts. So someone has interfered with the ads and redirected them to their own. For their own mercenary gain, obviously. I don’t know why they don’t write their own blog and put prescription ads on it, instead of on mine. To fix it, I asked for Google’s help and also WordPress forum support. I also tried to upgrade the WordPress blog to 2.5, which is more secure, but made a mess of and had to backtrack and use a backup. I learned how to input the backup text into the MyPhp server, which was interesting once I figured it out. Anyway the comment feed and other feeds don’t work yet, so I may have to hire a php specialist to help me. Maybe Google did do something because last Friday night the bad ads were replaced with the normal ads, and now are only hiding out on a back page or two.

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