How to Prevent the USB Worm

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There’s a new USB worm about. It loads on your computer when you stick an infected USB drive (Flash memory drive) into a USB port or an infected CD into the CD drive. Since it installs through the Autorun function on Windows, this type of worm is easy to prevent. Simply turn off Autorun.

To turn off Autorun do this:

1. Go to Start button then Run.
2. Type in “gpedit.msc” without the quotes.
3. The Group policy window will open.
4. Choose “System” under “Administrative Templates.”
5. Find “Turn off Autoplay” and double-click it.
6. You’ll see three choices with radio buttons (round check boxes) in front of them: Not configured, Enabled, Disabled. Pick “Enabled.”
7. Underneath the radio buttons you’ll see the words “Turn off Autoplay on.” Choose “All drives.”

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Not only will this prevent the USB worm, it will also let you play some CDs without all the manufacturers’ restrictions.

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