Hints for Techies – Take the Computer to the Lab


There’s no way a tech can remove and clean up all the spyware on a badly infected machine in just a couple of hours. So, if you remove the spyware on-site, you end up having to charge a lot to remove a little. It’s better to take the machine “to the lab,” and run and apply all your removal and clean up strategies. Since then you can also do other things, like write your blog, or change out someone’s video card, while you are running everything, you can afford to charge for just a couple of hours of labor, while you work on the computer for 12 or 15 or more. Also the client doesn’t end up paying a huge amount to have spyware removed. Once you have the computer “at the lab”, do your magic. If you want suggestions on what to do follow my anti-spyware guide and then speed up your client’s computer while you’re at it, by following the suggestions here on the Ducktoes Tutorial.

The only difficulty is with clients who don’t want you to remove their infected computer. Then you have to do the best job you can within a short amount of time. I recommend installing Spyware Doctor and run it. Click the below ad.

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