Speed Up Windows 7 and Vista with this Free Tool

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Here’s a tool Windows 7 and Vista users will like. It’ll speed up their computers with a few tweaks: Ultimate Windows Tweaker

It seemed to take a good 30 seconds to a minute of boot time off a couple of computers I tried it on. Let me know what you think. Click above on Reply to comment or click here.

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How to Speed up your Computer – Part 7: Turn Off the Indexing Service

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The Indexing Service runs constantly, memorizing and making a list of where your files are, so when you search for something, you can find it quickly. The service makes searches faster, but it slows down the rest of your computer. If you have a really fast computer you won’t mind or notice this, however if you have a slow computer, you’d probably prefer a faster computer over a faster search.

To turn off Indexing do this:

1. Go to the Start button then find “My Computer.” Double click “My Computer.”

2. Find your hard drive(s), usually C, or C and D if you have more than one. Right click on the hard drive. Select “Properties.”

3. Near the bottom find “Allow indexing service to index this disk for for faster searches.” Uncheck the box. Click Ok. When a new window opens select “Apply to all folders and subfolders.”

This should speed up your computer. For other ways to speed it up, click here.

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