How to Fix Sysguard, Win32 Patched-Kg, and Malware Alerts

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This week I found a new type of virus: Sysguard, Win32 Patched-Kg, and Malware Alerts difficult to remove. The usual ways of removal didn’t work since these spyware/viruses suppress ComboFix and Malwarebytes and keep them from running. I had to run Avast first. The boot scanner in Avast made the first dent in the viruses armor. After that I could run the other programs. I’ve been using Avast all week, for the first time on a regular basis, and am grateful for it’s effectiveness. Avast will probably help in all viruses that suppress installation or running of anti-spyware or anti-viruses.

So if you have a difficult virus, follow these steps:
1. Download Avast. Install and run it. It will run automatically and usually, if you have Sysguard, Win 32 Patched-Kg, or Malware Alerts, it’ll find a virus right away. Then it will want to run a bootscan. Let it. The bootscan should remove enough of the virus that you can now update Avast and run it again. So make sure you Update Avast. Click the button that looks like a lightening strike or Harry Potter’s forehead.

2. After updating and running Avast again, you can now download and run ComboFix. It will automatically delete some bad virus files.

3. Then download, run, and update Malwarebytes.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have another suggestion or comment.

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