How to Fix Rebooting Vista Machines after an Update

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This week I fixed a machine that was rebooting after Windows started. A message said it was installing three updates and on the third of the three it reached 75% and then rebooted. Over and over and yes, over again. An update gone awry!!!

This is how Ms. Ducktoes fixed it. The client had a valid license but didn’t have an Vista install dvd so I borrowed one from another techie and stuck it in the dvd drive. Then rebooted the machine off the dvd. I selected the Repair option (don’t pick the Install!) Several options were listed and I picked System Restore. I picked the Restore point of the last update and voila, joy of joys, the computer started normally! It can happen to you, too, (music here) doo, doo, do, do!! Just try what I did.

Then bravely I installed every Vista update under the sun and all went smoothly this time around. Don’t be scared of updates. They do make your computer run better and more securely.

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