P2Ps with No Spyware and Living Life to the Fullest

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With some P2Ps (Peer-to-Peers) such as Grokster, Morpheus, and Bearshare, you get much more than free music, you also get a computerload of adware and spyware. Also free. This free malware is not only annoying, as it clutters your computer processes and desktop, it also significantly impacts the performance of your computer. It slows your computer down, often oppressively, and interrupts your computing with a lot of adware activity and programs no one could possibly want.

But, as I just read online, some P2Ps have no spyware or adware. According to this article on PC Pitstop, these P2Ps: WinMix, Limewire, Bit Torrent, Shareaza, eMule, and BitTornado have no spyware or adware. None. So you can use them without mucking up your registry and system processes.

You still need to be careful, my duckies. While even though these P2Ps have no spyware in their software, you can still get viruses from the files you download.

Also, be careful, since P2Ps are in a mucky area morally. And it’s self-defeating to live a way that compromises our good opinions of ourselves and our own sense of integrity, and so–and this is only a gentle suggestion from Ms. Ducktoes who in no way is better than anyone else–we might all use Napster and iTunes and pay (only 99 cents per song) for the music we listen to. Unless, of course, we are too poor. I have some clients who who are too poor, that is, they can’t pay for anything, including computer repair and music. I don’t mean you, my poorer ducklings.

I find it gives my self-esteem a boost, like a new stick of ram for the psyche, to honor my own self-respect. It helps to live life to the fullest even in the muckiest swamp. Being good, even on the computer, has its own–rich–rewards. We all, even you hackers and spyware creators among my readers, might consider this too, how hurting others also hurts ourselves. All the financial riches of the world can’t make up for damaged self-respect. It doesn’t mean diddly, that’s diddly squat, lol, riches without inner ease and self-rapport. You can’t even enjoy your own reflection as you float down the prettiest of rivers. Everything looks like a miserable swamp, ugly and meaningless I mean, if you look ugly to yourself. And that’s the real twooth, mon sweetnesses, y mi amigos mios. So be good, sere gut.

I’m sorry if I’m quacking at you too much. But it’s something I just learned myself, or continue to learn about, how to be a little happier in my life. So I’m really interested and tend to go on. Let me know what you think. I invite and am interested in your comments and ideas.

Ciao, duckies.  I’ll see ya later.  Gotta quit yacking and fix a computer or two or ten.  Until then, “Be kind to your webfooted friends, for a duck maybe somebody’s mother!”

Ms. Ducktoes is on her way, saving computers everyday!!

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You Don’t let Strangers into Your House

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You don’t let strangers into your house to tramp around and go through cupboards to share your cds, do you, just so you can have a bit (or a lot) of free music? So why let people into your computer to tramp around its registry code and system files or stroll through your personal data? Instead just buy the music you want on iTunes for 99 cents each. That way your favorite musicians can earn money for their work. And you won’t compromise your computer’s security 24 hours a day.¬† Having your hard drive constantly reformatted is a lot more expensive!!

Peer-to-Peer networks (otherwise known as P2P) usually come as a package that includes adware, and sometimes spyware, malware, and viruses, so you’re asking, just asking for trouble from the very get go. And then, when you’re sharing music, all that traffic in and out of your computer slows it down and the music files you receive in return can be infected. LimeWire, Bearshare, Kazaa, Morpheus, Nutella are a only a few of the P2Ps. If you must download free music, and I know some of you must, then make sure you have a real-time spyware catcher in your system. Spy Sweeper is excellent. Let Ducktoes install it for you. Or if you’re not in the Calgary area, download it from their website or buy it at a computer store. And use a good virus checker, AVG has a free one for personal home use, and Spybot and Ad-Aware are good programs to run along with Spy Sweeper. No one software can completely keep you safe.

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