P2Ps with No Spyware and Living Life to the Fullest

[ad name=”new”] With some P2Ps (Peer-to-Peers) such as Grokster, Morpheus, and Bearshare, you get much more than free music, you also get a computerload of adware and spyware. Also free. This free malware is not only annoying, as it clutters your computer processes and desktop, it also significantly impacts the performance of your computer. It […]

You Don’t let Strangers into Your House

[ad name=”new”] You don’t let strangers into your house to tramp around and go through cupboards to share your cds, do you, just so you can have a bit (or a lot) of free music? So why let people into your computer to tramp around its registry code and system files or stroll through your […]