Put in More Ram – Desktop Computers

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One of the easiest things to do to increase your computer’s performance is to put in more ram. That’s the computer available to running processes while the computer is turned on. When you have more, your computer can do more, and in less time.

All you have to do to put in more ram is turn off and unplug the computer and open the case. Look for a long rectangular (sometimes two or more) strips of circuit board sticking up perpendicularly from the motherboard. They’re about three inches long. Each one has two holding pins on each end. Release the pins and voila, you’ve unseated the ram. Try not to touch the end with metallic connectors. Take the ram to your favorite computer parts store. Show it to the sales associate and say you want to increase the ram. Tell him or her how many sticks of ram are in the computer. They will recommend what to buy. Sometimes you can get a stick for $25 dollars or less.

Reseat your new ram in the same slot you took the old ones out. Match the indent on the ram stick to the plastic protusion sticking up on the slot. Push down firmly until the end pins snap into place. Put the case back on. Reboot the computer. It should run much faster now.

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