How do you get Spyware? By Typing Goggle instead of Google

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My clients with spyware or virus infected computers always ask me how they got the infections in the first place. By typing goggle insteasd of google I tell them. By that, I mean they accidentally mis-spell or make a keyboarding error such as typing goggle instead of google, and arrive at a rogue site chock full of nasty viruses.

We techies call that drive by infections. You merely “drive by” the website and catch the infections some criminals have put there.

I never wondered why I used the word goggle as my example, but today while surfing the net I ran across this Youtube video and realized that I’d seen it before. So that’s probably why. And I thought I was being so original!! The video’s funny, but not so funny if it’s happening to you.

Another way to get a lot of viruses is by downloading porn or going to porn sites and by downloading free music, movies, and software from p2ps. Beware, it’s bad out there.

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